Staff Highlight

This week Visionary Homes would like to highlight our Office Manager, Katie Iggulden.  Katie came to Visionary Homes in April of this year and has already had a positive impact on the company.  Katie has helped organize many of the processes for Visionary Homes.  Most notably is the streamlined monthly construction draw process.  This process takes a lot of time each month and Katie has created work-flows for Rick and our construction project manager, Noah, that have increased the efficiency of the process allowing more time to work with clients and keep our valuable sub-contractors happy.

Katie has also worked a lot with Builder Trend, the construction management software that Visionary Homes uses. Builder Trend Allows Visionary Homes to manage all important aspects of the custom home construction process in one spot.  This includes management of sales, various jobsites, selections, schedules, change orders, warranty, documents, photos, finances, and most importantly communication.  It is a place where the builder can communicate about all these key features with the subcontractors and clients, enhancing the client’s overall custom home experience with Visionary Homes.

Katie relocated from Corvallis, OR to Bend, OR in June of 2015.  An avid fan of the outdoors, she enjoys almost every recreational activity that Central Oregon has to offer.  Whether it be snowboarding up on Mt. Bachelor, camping and swimming at the Cascade Lakes, or kayaking down the Deschutes River, she has found a place to call home forever.  She is currently also in the process of buying a home and cannot wait to become a new homeowner for the very first time.  Katie did not have plans to work in the custom home building or construction business, but was recruited by the owners, Rick and Lynnanne, for her commitment to excellence and strong organizational skills.

Katie has a passion for learning and being involved in a new industry has provided an excellent opportunity for that.  Katie enjoys working with the custom home clients and subs, helping to problem solve and provide excellent customer service.  Learning about the home building process has also been very interesting and is especially rewarding to see homes reach their completion.  “Visionary Homes had custom homes as well as homes for sale in Central Oregon and Washington at different phases when I arrived, and I have already seen so much happen to them in the two plus months I have been with the company.”