Snow Load reccommendations from FEMA

With the heavy winter snow conditions continuing and with some questions about the need for snow removal, please read the FEMA guidelines for assessment and removal. In summary, please contact a professional that can properly and safely remove the snow from your roof if you feel it is time. The cautions about concentrated loads (snow drifts and ice dams) and the recommended use of plastic shovels while leaving a few inches of snow on the roof are a few examples of excellent suggestions. We recommend that no more than a foot of snow be allowed to accumulate, less if the snow if heavy or rain is expected. Light snow is more quickly and easily removed than wet snow. Remember there are roof vents and other mechanical penetrations on your roof that may be covered by snow so be careful not to damage these as that could cause a roof leak. Again, if you are concerned about the thickness/weight of snow on your roof, please contact us and we will do our best to connect you with a qualified company, though they are all very busy at the moment! Remember, safety first!

Here is a link to the guidelines from FEMA

FEMA Snow Load Safety Guidance