Visionary Homes and BuilderTrend

Visionary Homes and BuilderTrend

Visionary Homes is proud to be one of a few select home builders in Central Oregon, using the BuilderTrend cloud based construction management system.  Let’s face it: having work done on your new or existing home can be a wonderfully exciting headache. All the decisions, trim choices and deadlines can make your home dream a reality drain.  Visionary Homes believes that the process can and should be enjoyable.  In addition to effective communication as a tool to make the process go smoothly, Visionary Homes is now using BuilderTrend, a comprehensive cloud-based project management software for the home building and remodeling industry. BuilderTrend is a seamless, integrated, highly transparent system that affords the homeowner an immediate and greater understanding and involvement in their home construction process.  This web and mobile-based tool combines a variety of functions into an easy-to-use interface. It has all the features of a project management (PM) software with the added customer relationship management (CRM) features, making it a transparent way to interface with customers.

BuilderTrend and the Homeowner

For the homeowner, BuilderTrend provides many useful features, keeping the homeowner in the loop on the progress. Regular face to face communication and job-site meetings are enhanced with the capabilities that BuilderTrend has to offer.  Regular updates are easy to access and automated; the homeowner can go online from anywhere and at any time, using their mobile phone or tablet to quickly view progress, communicate about selections, change orders or ask questions.  Daily photo updates allow the homeowner to see progress as it is happening, which is especially nice for out of town clients.  Viewing construction progress is as easy as opening the app and clicking on the Photo Folder, or, for a more in depth view of progress, the owner can click on the Daily Log icon.


Daily log example


Client Selection view.  Click on the green check box to approve.

Visionary Homes is committed to building a quality home that will stand the test of time. Should problems arise, Visionary Homes is committed to partnering with the homeowner after they move in to make sure that all warranty items are addressed quickly. This is where the Warranty section in BuilderTrend comes into play.  Submitting for warranty work is as easy as opening the app and clicking on the Warranty icon.  The subcontractor in charge of completing that warranty item receives a notification and is able to schedule through the app with the homeowner and complete the work.

“During the construction of our home we were introduced to BuilderTrend as a way to communicate with Visionary Homes and the subcontractors working on the project.  With all that was going on it was nice not to have to trust someone’s memory or losing a reminder note somewhere. Once I posted the warranty item was on the site until addressed.  Tammy and I like the convenience of BuilderTrend as a way to communicate.” – John Gobershock – Client

Warranty submission example

BuilderTrend and the subcontractor

While BuilderTrend keeps the homeowner in the loop on progress it also allows Visionary Homes to communicate more effectively with subcontractors & suppliers regarding the building process. A fully integrated “all in one” system, for creating proposals, managing schedules and to-do lists, and making and tracking change orders. A few of the features for subcontractors include:

  • Once the work is awarded the subcontractor has access to the full schedule and receives alerts immediately if there are any changes to the schedule
  • Review any required customer selections – see example above
  • Keep track of change orders
  • Email communication tracking – no more searching your inbox for what was discussed
  • Purchase Order function reduces the possibility of delays when ordering materials and executing contracts

“BuilderTrend has made our teams’ day-to-day interactions and activities much more efficient. It facilitates my being able to have a global view of Visionary Homes’ various projects, and enables our customers to see our progress on a day-to-day basis. Hannah, the Customer Service Rep for Visionary Home, shas been really helpful with the implementation and running of the system.  BuilderTrend integrates with our various devices really easily.” – Rick Hayes, President – Visionary Homes

Visionary Homes is committed to our partners in the construction of each custom home, and, as a result, has listened to our subcontractors regarding the use of BuilderTrend.  The majority of our partners are willing to use the management system, but needed help in putting it into action. Therefore, for the month of September, Visionary Homes is hosting weekly Lunch and Learn sessions where lunch is provided and the subcontractor attends with their mobile device for personalized instruction.  So far Visionary Homes has had 8 subcontractors attend in 2 sessions.

img_7897 bt-lunch-and-learn-ki

First Lunch and Learn for Subcontractors at the Visionary Homes office

Visionary Homes is in the process of putting together a training for our custom home clients as well.  Visionary Homes has found that clear instruction on all of the customer functions of BuilderTrend is necessary for the client to take full advantage of all it has to offer.  Visionary Homes believes in providing the utmost customer service experience for its custom home clients, and BuilderTrend, combined with frequent phone or in person communication is a powerful way to do just that.