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“Rick Hayes was the general contractor on our new home and was very attentive to our project, answering all questions and making extra efforts to solve difficult problems. He was always extremely pro-active and his bills were accurate and easy to understand. We are extremely happy with our home, and when guests come they always remark on how lovely it is. When we decided to build a custom home, we asked five builders to give us proposals and Rick’s was the best. It was the most detailed and business-like, and it was that which convinced us to choose him. In addition, he is very helpful, kind, and approachable in answering technical questions. Rick is scrupulously honest, and will do his best to meet a client’s needs.”

— Judith Bayard Cushing




“I have worked with Rick Hayes on three projects and he is super conscientious, quality-minded, honest and concerned about doing a good job. He wants to create a positive customer experience for every single client. Visionary Homes operates at a level for value conscious buyers who want a quality product that’s well designed and well thought out. From overall flow to more subtle things like lighting, the attention to detail is excellent and the homes are very livable. For buyers who want t
o work with a quality guy and get great value, Visionary Homes is the answer.”

— John Hayes

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“Visionary Homes built a custom home for us and handled everything from design and foundation, through to the finished product. The customer service was exceptional. Rick was on-site to manage day-to-day progress and keep all of the subs and contractors on task and on budget. Change requests were met with optimism and cost estimates so we knew in advance what to expect.

The quality of our home was magnificent and it was featured on the Central Oregon Tour of Homes. We lived in and thoroughly enjoyed our custom home for years. The quality of construction was top notch and we didn’t have any settling cracks, sheet rock pulls, or issues with construction.

What’s unique about Visionary Homes is Rick’s engineering background. It was very helpful in making changes to the original design and saved us a lot of money on design work. Rick was a dream to work with in that he was present, available, and knowledgeable in all aspects of the build out phase. He had the vision to see things we discussed that we weren’t familiar with, and helped guide us all along the way.

I would, and have, absolutely recommended Visionary Homes for anyone looking to build a custom home. Rick’s hands on approach and attention to detail and budget concerns was invaluable for us.”

— Casey Jones

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“Rick built a previous home for us several years ago and the customer service experience was excellent – from start to finish. He was engaged in the process and willing to listen to what we wanted and try to come up with a solution. He offered a large number of options and was very easy to work with – and he knows the stress that homeowners go thru when building their primary residence.

In terms of quality, Rick delivered on exactly what we wanted for a price that we could afford. What distinguishes Visionary Homes’ work from that of other builders in Central Oregon, is the way Rick relates very well to his customers. He listens and helps structure what you want into a home that fits within your budget. Rick is very responsive and does an excellent job of answering questions. I would highly recommend Visionary Homes to anyone interested in building a custom home because the process from start to finish was very easy, We got exactly what we wanted.”

— Turner Waskom

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