The Custom Home Building Process

From the first phase of design, through completed construction, the Visionary Homes, Inc. team will partner with you each step of the way. Our custom home building process helps ensure that each step is carefully managed to meet your needs. Our clients love our hands-on, detail-oriented approach and we believe you will too. We really enjoy custom home design and construction and it shows in our efforts.  Below are the steps we take to build your dream home.

Helping you design and budget for your new custom home

Visionary Homes will help you create a custom home design based on your unique taste and lifestyle. We suggest and recommend cost saving ideas that maintain the integrity of your home design while honoring your budget goals. We provide preliminary pricing for options, and  assist you along the way to ensure that the project stays within your desired budget or allows you to make a fully informed decision when increasing your budget to get the product or feature you really want in your new home.

Creating a schedule

Providing you with a comprehensive schedule is important because we want you to know what to expect from start to finish, including each phase along the way.  We work diligently to meet project deadlines, but will also take the extra time, if needed, to support you in design decisions that help us create the home of your dreams.

Developing decisions lists

The custom home building process involves a lot of decisions, big and small. Visionary Homes will help you create a master list of major decisions for the project schedule, as well as a list of minor decisions that will need to be made throughout the project.  Our goal is to have most decisions determined before construction begins, but if you need a little extra time in some areas, we will work with you throughout the construction process to make sure we know exactly what you want so we can stay on track with the master schedule.

Creating milestone due dates

Visionary Homes will develop a  list of major milestone dates  showing the dates that major design phases or phases of construction will occur, such as design phase completion, land use approval, design review submission, design review approval, permit submittal, beginning of construction, weathered in project, beginning of interior finishes, beginning of site improvements and landscaping, and, completion of the project.  Our goal is to keep you the homeowner fully informed and understanding of the process and what will happen next!

Recommending design and constructability

During the design phase, Visionary Homes will work with the architect and/or designer to coordinate constructability, detailing, and materials usage to ensure that our trade partners understand your needs and can provide the highest quality work possible. This collaboration helps avoid conflicts in the field so the project can move along much more predictably.  We are a design team partner and will make sure all project team members are working together to provide exceptional quality and service.

Recommending systems for automation integration

With an extensive knowledge of features and systems integration, Visionary Homes will recommend automation systems that flow with your home design and lifestyle. These  include distributed audio, theater and security systems and how they are integrated into your new custom home design and construction.  We can also help you set up remote access and monitoring of your home, including heating systems, doors and garage doors.

Sustainability certification

At Visionary Homes, we are experts in environmentally friendly design and construction. We  work regularly with third Earth Advantage during the design process for proper component integration and detailing and will incorporate requirements into subcontracts and monitor field performance and verification performance testing so that your house meets certification requirements.  Sustainability is always on our minds when developing a home concept and we highly recommend third party sustainability certification for all projects

Comprehensive Communication

Keeping you informed each step of the way is important to us. That’s why Visionary Homes utilizes the BuilderTrend web based project management system that keeps you updated with project status, from the beginning of the project through the construction.  The smartphone app allows you to be informed of your project no matter where you are with photo updates, budget updates, schedule information, and discussions between our team members.  We are fully transparent with information and keep you fully informed.  This system also allows you to report warranty items while you live in your new home and facilitates our rapid response to your needs.